Pre-Professional Opportunities

If you dream of being a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, or pharmacist, our pre-professional tracks are the ideal complement to your undergraduate major. Our intensive pre-professional opportunities will put you on the fast track to entering a professional or graduate program to turn your passion into a rewarding career.

What Are Pre-Professional Tracks?

You might be wondering, “What are pre-professional tracks and how can they help me find my dream job?”

When you join an HSU pre-professional, you will work closely with an academic advisor to locate internship and shadowing opportunities and find the professional program that’s right for you.

Pre-professional opportunities at HSU are carefully designed by experts in the field to provide you with the specialized skills and knowledge to stand out from other applicants when applying to graduate programs and positions.

Our pre-athletic training opportunity prepares you to enter our Master of Athletic Training graduate degree, which is now a requirement for practicing athletic trainers. A 3-2 fast track option is available for qualified HSU students, providing students the opportunity to earn both their undergraduate and MAT degree in 5 years. Get ready to sit for the Board of Certification exam through intensive hands-on learning and clinical opportunities in the nation’s first online MAT program.

Our pre-law track takes a multidisciplinary approach, so you develop the varied background most law schools look for.

Work with an advisor to tailor your educational experience to your professional aspirations while taking courses in a wide variety of disciplines to meet pre-med or pre-dental requirements at the medical university you wish to attend. Our pre-med and pre-dental tracks are tracks within our Biology degree.

Build an educational path based off the catalog for the school of pharmacy you want to apply for, giving you a huge advantage over other students who haven’t come from a pre-pharmacy Biology degree. Our pre-pharmacy track is a track within our Biology degree.

Customize a course of study by working with an advisor, preparing you for the exact professional program you want to enter. Our pre-PT track is also a fast track program of 3 years undergrad and 2.5 years of graduate study in our Doctor of Physical Therapy program! Most physical therapists earn their bachelor’s degrees in four years and then complete three additional years of school to earn their doctorates, but you can get your Doctor of Physical Therapy in only 5.5 years at HSU. Our pre-PT track is a track within our Biology degree.

Gain hands-on experience working as a team member while developing the fundamental medical skills to succeed in a graduate physician assistant program. Our pre-PA track is a track within our Biology degree.

The Logsdon School of Theology is aware that most church vocation students plan further theological training after the Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, the student’s faculty mentor will guide the student in selecting those courses that best prepare for further theological studies.

Students desiring to enroll in graduate programs in software engineering or computer science are strongly encouraged to major in computer science and minor in mathematics; major in mathematics and minor in computer science; or double major in mathematics and computer science.

The HSU SLP graduate program welcomes all students from the HSU CSD department to apply through CSDCAS. HSU reserves a minimum of 5 seats in the graduate SLP program for undergraduate students completing their CSD studies at HSU if their overall GPA is 3.25 and they meet other admission requirements, including scoring well on the GRE and an acceptable interview. Preference to additional HSU CSD and leveling students will be considered when making final seat selections.

Prepare for a professional veterinary program through individual advising and mentorship, hands-on experience with various wildlife, and unique research opportunities. Our pre-veterinary medicine track is a track within our Biology degree.